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Now simplify your On-Field Operations with our Field Staff Tracking, inbuilt Attendance Management System, Live Tracking and CRM based Task Management System. With Field Tracking, you can completely automate the tracking and monitoring of your on-field employees to enhance conversions of on-field salesmen, ultimately leading to better revenue generations. On-field operations, Field Agent Tracking enables your field agents to maximise deliverability and keep high customer retention.

In any workplace, the management are able to simply ascertain the worker presence and attending adherence with manual registers or biometric access. But, however, can they be able to keep track of the agents WHO are moved into the sector all day long. There was once a system once the workers can be got to report back to the workplace within the morning, get an in-depth account of all the calls they must attend. And within the evening, they must prepare the report and submit it to their news manager within the workplace before heading home. tho’ this method could seem fairly sensible, there are several drawbacks during this system. The period of time and distance becomes additional and productivity can be reduced. worker location chase software package offers a straightforward and convenient different from the current age previous method.

With the Halooway Field Agent Tracking Software, agents don’t get to report back to the workplace each day. they’ll merely sign on their attending via the software package each morning and evening. Plus, the dashboard can have an inventory of calls to attend moreover as their locations. because the software package is GPS enabled, it’ll assign jobs nearest to the person’s location. So, the sector agent doesn’t get to jaunt places far-off. Plus, the main points of the work are clearly represented to the worker. So, once he attends the decision, he will quickly update the standing and details onto the dashboard, which is able to enable his news manager to quickly refer to the work done.

This Halooway Field Staff Tracking software is helpful for each the management and employee. The management is able to ascertain the employee’s attending and work done. Also, the period of time to and from the workplace is weighed down, the sector agent is able to attend additional calls, enhancing his productivity. Another advantage is that the GPS enabled system can keep track of the overall range of kilometres travelled by the agent. this selection can are available in handy whereas generating the invoice and crediting the payment for the worker. Since it’s mechanically generated, there are not many ways in which the information are often tampered with.

From the employee’s stance, there’s an in-depth report and log of all his movements. So, he is able to gift his job details to the news manager with complete proof. the sector agent software package mechanically generates reports relating to distance travelled and time taken. So, the agent is able to simply gift an in-depth report back to the manager and not worry concerning being suspect for information meddling. A win-win state of affairs on either side.

Halooway Field Staff Tracking Application is applicable for all the corporations having a field force be it Sales executives, field agents, promoters, service personnel, delivery boys etc. the most issue baby-faced by the corporations nowadays, is that the inability to trace the time period position of their field agents. possibilities might arise that the agents skip conferences or places allotted to them for visiting and supply a faux report or offer AN excuse. This harms productivity and performance.

Halooway understands these problems and has developed a strong application job for such corporations in any trade or sector. Our technical specialists have developed the Halooway Field Staff Tracking Application, to trace the historical and live position of the sector agents, the attending and leave reports, target visit performance, and everyone such details that a manager wants for assessing his/her field force work output.

Halooway’s Field Agent Tracking Software will help you distribute, documents and  workload among various field staffs evenly and optimise work time and effort leading to improved efficiency. With Simple User Interface and robust analytics dashboard, you can capture the data of the whole day’s field activity in a single glance. Halooway Field Staff Tracking software has increased Profitability by 3x and improved efficiency by up to 67%. Call us to see how our  Employee GPS Tracking can help you.

Halooway Field STAFF Tracking Advantages

Live Location Tracking

Watch what your employee has been up to and monitor their activities. Simplify your Field Staff Tracking tasks with Halooway’s live location Field Tracking feature.

Improve Efficiency

Our clients have witnessed an improvement in efficiency by up to 67% after implementing Field Staff  tracking software. Your efficiency will improve too with a standardised platform to monitor

Maximise Revenue

Halooway Field Tracking software have been reported to maximise the revenue up to 3X and have seen a higher rate of conversions from Field Sales agents. Improvise with our Field Staff tracking solution.


Attendance Management

Your on-field staffs can easily punch in and out their attendance to mark their presence. Advanced technologies such as geo mesh attendance will simplify your Field Staff Tracking operations.



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