Most managers and business owners face a dilemma once the discussions about employee tracking comes to the fore.

From a business perspective, employee tracking software makes perfect sense.

It tracks worker productivity and project performance. It helps you opt where to allot resources. And it provides insight into areas which will require improvement and development of worker skills.

From employee’s perspective, though, it’s not that clear.

Employees might feel intimidated by demands to trace their time and movements. They may feel that they’re perpetually being watched and evaluated. And for excessively formidable managers, worker tracking might open the doors to excessive micromanaging.

Want to urge workers to follow employee tracking software? With the aforementioned reasons, the questions that needs to be asked are, is employee tracking effective for you? And will it facilitate everyone? or simply aid management?

Let’s take a glance.

Just imagine if your business has a large amount of field employees, here’s how employer tracking can aid your organization:

1. Productivity Rise

Research shows that individuals whose employers keep track of their time and movements have reported increased productivity.

They track their add additional detail and additional fine-tunes their sense of productivity. This fine-tuning helps them stop disbursement an excessive amount of time on distractions. It conjointly helps them determine and stop multitasking.

Studies show that multitasking will drain up to three-fourths of our productivity, therefore keeping this habit in restraint is a large facilitator.

Employee tracking also sheds light on activities that take up an excessive amount of time.

This enables you to analyze whether or not those activities are actually necessary. If they’re, you’ll discover a way to optimize your processes.

Continual analysis helps staff and managers to refine their productive processes. Discover additional additional methods to extend worker productivity.

2. Bigger Responsibility

Employee tracking means that bigger responsibility for your field agents. Once tasks become complex and involve several parties, you would like to have a grasp on several aspects of the operations.

The Involvement in complicated process needs that everyone work along in a consistent and structured manner. By tracking the time spent on tasks, field staff become additionally tuned in to their own contribution and its role within the project.

This provides them with insight on how they can improve their work. Greater awareness with responsibility can shift them into a high productive state.

This helps improve worker morale and contributes to a additional productive company.

3. Better transparency

Effective employee tracking provides managers a clearer understanding of the work method.

If bound tasks systematically take up an excessive amount of time, they’ll got to be reviewed and optimized. Transparency provides the mandatory information to boost operations on associate nearly each day rather than making unexpected and dramatic disruptions.

The transparency provided by tracking code combined helps managers and supervisors get a grasp on work cycles and trends. This helps them set up comes additional accurately and put aside resources and force more with efficiency.

Transparency will assist you grow your business. browse our post on transparency and startup growth to search out out however.

Another positive outcome of such transparency is that the reduction of distrust across groups. while not data concerning others’ productivity or time management, staff will create blemished assumptions regarding the remainder of the team. this is often significantly true for distributed groups.

A recent survey found that sixty two of remote employees worry they aren’t perceived as hard-working thanks to their absence from the workplace.

Good employee tracking systems give objective information regarding the performance of staff. This helps supervisors get a transparent image of their employees’ productivity and assess them consequently.

On the worker facet, such systems relieve fears and build bigger trust between them and supervisors.

4. Saving on timesheets

Filling out manual time sheets is pricey. Filling out, combining, and analyzing previous time sheets needs heaps of your time, each from staff and admin staff have to reconcile errors in time sheets and perpetually prompt employees to fill them out.

Introducing a employee tracking system streamlines this method.

This is significantly vital and helpful for firms that employment with contractors, like freelancers or non-salaried employees.

Such staff typically like better to have a transparent grasp of however they’re doing in terms of work and time spent on tasks. An employee tracking system will additional facilitate them set up their time beforehand so as to require up more comes or compose for the time once they are going to be away.

5. Reduced Costs

Better activity ends up in the elimination of leaked hours. firms lose many billable hours each year to poor employee tracking on things like email and conferences.


Because folks ditch them. With employee tracking, that’s not a difficulty.

Employees pay longer on meaty tasks, get additional done, and keep higher track of what they’re doing.

All of meaning a positive come on investment for your company.

It’s measurable. Our customers have seen it. And it systematically helps all varieties of businesses be additional productive and profitable. browse additional regarding time wasting here.

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