Even though it may seem simple at the outset, managing service personnel and delivering goods to the required destination on time is anything but simple. To manage field operations, you often have to deal with various stakeholders and unknown variables which can delay the completion of tasks. Adding to the complication is the difficulty of getting timely feedback enabling managers to take preventive measures and avert any losses. Having Halooway field tracking will make your operational tasks much easier, providing valuable feedback at all levels of your organisation, and help you make effective decisions on time. Halooway is India’s leading employee tracking solution.

With Halooway, you will get the following Advantages:

Real-Time Location Tracking:Track your field employee’s current location and where they have been all day or any time period which you would like to look into.

View Attendance: Your employees need not be physically present at your office locations to punch in their attendance. They can do so easily with the Halooway app.

Geo-Fencing: Mark a radius around your office in Halooway. If your employees enter the radius, their attendance is automatically marked as present.

Measure Distance Travelled: Easily look into how far your employees have travelled and calculate the expenses incurred by them during their travel.

Track Meetings: Assign and track the progress of those meetings of your field sales agents. Halooway provides your sales agent multiple input options through which they can easily convey the status of their assigned meetings.

GeoTag Notifications: Assign checkpoints throughout the maps and get instant notifications if your employees cross that particular checkpoints. This improves the efficiency of your field employees.

Documents Upload: Your field agents can upload documents of any type on Halooway. Now your manager gets or send forms, brochures, images or videos to your field agents to display to their prospects.

Customised Forms: Are the forms which need to be filled is unique to your Business? With Halooway, you can create customised forms that fulfil your unique business needs.

Halooway is a field tracking software which makes use of the cloud computing technology and Google Maps API, to constantly update the status and location of your field agents and employees on your CRM software and the respective employee’s phone.

The data obtained from the Halooway has various applications and benefits:

Vehicle Location and Speed Tracking: Get immediate feedback on the location and speed of all your fleet agents. This can help in gaining accurate details on when the item will be delivered to the required location.

Route Optimisation: The data can also be used for optimising the route, helping in the faster and efficient delivery. In turn, delighting your customers.

Job Scheduling: With field tracking, it is easier to identify which field agents are free or are about to complete their tasks. This information can help in the effective scheduling of tasks and better management of field agents.

Employee Tracking: Tracking attendance is often not enough to monitor the performance of an employee. With field tracking, you can effectively monitor their schedule, activities and location to gauge their effectiveness and provide constant feedback.

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